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What are the differences?

Discover the differences between our three types of weightlifting tape at, each with its own unique specifications and properties. Click below to explore!

WLT Strips

Introducing WLT Strips: your ultimate workout companion.

✔ Our WLT Strips are designed to provide maximum protection and comfort.

✔ The specially designed rigid outer layer offers optimal grip during lifting.

✔ The medical adhesive keeps the tape in place and doesn't slide during sweaty sessions.

✔ The strips are chalk-friendly: using chalk makes the tape even more adhesive, generating extra grip.

✔ Each roll contains 30 pre-cut strips, measuring 15 cm in length and 5 cm in width.

WLT Sticky

Introducing WLT Sticky: the ultimate companion for your workout sessions.

✔ Each roll of WLT Sticky measures 4.5 meters in length and 5 cm in width, providing enough tape for approximately 30 sessions.

✔ Engineered for convenience, it's a breeze to use – swiftly wrap it around your thumb and tear it off effortlessly.

✔ Thanks to its specially formulated adhesive, this tape adheres superbly, ensuring a secure hold throughout your training.

✔ Its outer layer offers enhanced traction for superior grip, while remaining chalk and sweat-friendly.

✔ Experience ease and reliability with WLT Sticky, your go-to tape for a stronger, more confident grip.

WLT Rolls

Introducing WLT Rolls: your ultimate workout companion.

✔ Each roll measures 4.5 meters long and 5 cm wide, providing enough tape for approximately 30 sessions.

✔ Designed for effortless use, simply wrap it around your thumb and tear it off swiftly.

✔ Unlike traditional adhesive tapes, WLT Rolls are self-adhering. By pulling the end taut and folding it over the previously applied section, it securely clings without leaving any sticky residue behind.

✔ Say goodbye to adhesive remnants while ensuring a firm grip throughout your training.

✔ WLT Rolls offer convenience and reliability for a seamless workout experience.


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