Weightlifting Knee Sleeves® 5 mm (1 pair)


Our Weightlifting Knee Sleeves are designed to support your knees during intense weightlifting or CrossFit sessions. These knee sleeves have a thickness of 5 mm, providing the perfect balance between compression and flexibility. Whether you're a beginner in the world of weightlifting/CrossFit or an experienced athlete, these sleeves offer the protection and stability you need.

The knee sleeves come in a stylish black design, effortlessly complementing any sportswear. Whether you're training at the gym, on the field, or in the box, these knee sleeves add a touch of professionalism to your outfit.

What truly sets these knee sleeves apart is the incredibly soft interior. The lining is specially designed to provide a high level of comfort during wear. You can be confident that your knees will be enveloped in a soft and pleasant fabric while still receiving the necessary support and compression.

Whether you're looking for extra stability during your squats, lunges, or other leg exercises, or simply want to protect your knees from overloading, these Weightlifting Knee Sleeves are the ideal choice. Enhance your performance and rely on the quality and comfort of these knee sleeves during your weightlifting training.

Size Chart


Leg Circumference: 30-35 cm

Product Length: 26 cm

Top Width: 15.5 cm

Bottom Width: 13.5 cm


Leg Circumference: 35-42 cm

Product Length: 26 cm

Top Width: 16 cm

Bottom Width: 14 cm


Leg Circumference: 42-52 cm

Product Length: 27 cm

Top Width: 18 cm

Bottom Width: 15.5 cm

Extra Large

Leg Circumference: 52-57 cm

Product Length: 27 cm

Top Width: 19 cm

Bottom Width: 16.5 cm

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